How to Identify a Mole or Gopher

A mole, gopher or other type of rodents can be hard to identify. It may be difficult to even catch a glimpse of the animal that is ruining your garden or yard.

Step 1 – Search for Tell-tale Signs

If you notice mounds or ridges in your yard, you might have a problem with moles or gophers. Both leave volcanic like mounds with holes in the top. A mole leaves a hole in the center, while a gopher leaves a hole more to the side of the mound. Gophers also refill their hole after eating.

Step 2 – Try to Spot the Pest

If you see the animal, compare it to pictures online. Gophers are usually bigger than moles, but moles have bigger more spade-shaped feet than gophers. If you only have holes in your yard, you might just have chipmunks. Moles and gophers can also be confused with voles and woodchucks.

Step 3 – Consider Your Location

Look at a map of where moles and gophers live. If you live in these areas, you might have a problem. Moles and gophers eat vegetation, so if you have a lot of vegetation in the yard, you may find moles and gophers eating.