How to Identify a Short in a Wire

Wires in a bunch.

Having problems with cords and cables could make you short out the system. Wires can short out if the copper inside deteriorates and splits. This will cause a break in the circuit, which will then be intermittent if you hold it at the right angle. It is very irritating to stand and hold the cord just so you can charge your cell phone, for example.

Locating the Short

Wires in a bunch.

The simplest way to locate the area of the short in the wire is to hold the wire between your index fingers and thumbs about 2 inches apart. Curl the wire a little and see if it affects whether the charger works or not. If there is no change, move along the cord every inch until you locate an area where it does make a difference. That is the best way to locate a problem.

Finding a Solution

Copper wires.

Once you have located the cause of the issue, it all depends on the type of wire, as to whether you can repair it or replace it. Some single cords can be trimmed, removed of the troublesome area, and taped back up. Other cables and cords are flatter and more technical to repair.