How to Improve Gas Mileage While Towing a Fifth Wheel Camper

With gas prices quickly rising, getting the best gas mileage with your fifth wheel camper is essential for an economical vacation. Though there is no quick fix or instant boost, there are a few things you can do to give your vehicle a few extra miles per gallon.

Streamlined Profile

A fifth wheel trailer which is streamlined in profile will cause much less wind resistance and thus not cause as much drag on the tow vehicle. Do not have any extras hanging on the outside or on top of the fifth wheel to slow you down. If possible, purchase a fifth wheel trailer which is below the profile of your vehicle. This allows the air to flow downward from your vehicle over the top of the trailer, causing less drag.


Make sure the tires of your vehicle and your fifth wheel are properly inflated. Even a few PSI under the designated amount can significantly lower mileage. Most all gas stations have free air fill ups and often people don't realize their tires are slightly off. Check the tread to be sure the tires have a good strong grip on the road to also give your mileage a head start over bald or worn tires.