How to Improvise Quick and Easy Curtain Rings

What You'll Need
Wire cutter
Measuring tape
Metal bracelets
Beaded bracelets
Paper clips
Strong glue
Decorative items such as beads and seashells and so on.

Curtain rings are clearly essential when hanging up curtains in your homes or offices. Although such curtain rings are easily available in hardware and super stores, using your own creativity, you can make curtain rings by yourself and add in your own little touch in your home. There are several ways through which you can easily manufacture curtain rings using old supplies and tools at home, and a few of these shall be talked about in proceeding sections. Follow the steps below to improvise and make extremely easy curtain rings.

For your own safety and protection, keep the following items on hand and ensure you wear them before starting out with this activity:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Eye goggles

Step 1 – Use Bracelets

Old metal bracelets shall make excellent curtain rings if they are changed around just a bit. Make sure these bracelets are relatively sturdy to bear the weight of the curtains. Now, pick up the wire cutter, and cut into the bracelets to make their size smaller. Next, place these loops inside the fabric of the curtain. Close up these loops securely now using a pin. The same process will follow for the beaded bracelets.

Step 2 – Use Old Ribbon

If you feel that curtain rings do not make feasible curtain rings, then a large number of alternatives can be used which shall not be discussed. Curtain rings can easily be made out of old piece of ribbon. Ensure that you choose ribbon that matches the interiors of your room. Next, lay it out in strips and cut approximately 8 inch pieces of it. Tie each piece of ribbon around the curtain rod into the loop of the curtains, and make a small bow at the end. However, make sure that these ribbons are securely tied around the rod and they do not come loose.

Step 3 – Use Fabric Scraps

Scrap fabric is also an extremely useful material to use in making curtain rings. Normally, people always have scrap fabric lying at home and therefore it will not go to waste if it is utilized in making curtain rings. Simple cut large strips of fabric with a scissor but do make sure they have the same dimensions. Next, loop these fabrics through the curtain rod and the curtain. Again, make sure you tightly tie them so they do not come off loose.

Step 4 – Reuse Old Curtain Rings

There should be a large number of curtain rings lying around at home which can easily be refurbished by using some small decorative items. Use strong glue, and stick items such as seashells, beads and sequins etc onto the old curtain rings. This shall definitely revamp them and also give them a homely touch. In addition to that, it will save the cost of buying new curtain rings.