How to Improvise Your Own Band Saw

What You'll Need
Wood table
Bow saw
Safety goggles

Similar to a table saw, a band saw is one of the handiest tools to have around when you’re working with wood. It is particularly useful with large, unwieldy pieces that are difficult to manipulate, or when you need to cut curved or other unusual shapes. A band saw can also be used to cut metal and other tough materials. But if you don't own one and don't want to invest in a new saw, it is possible to improve your own band saw.

Step 1: Set up Your Table

A band saw is fantastic when you are working on a big project (like a major home renovation or remodeling project), because it will accelerate the process of cutting and shaping wooden boards in any way you need. If you are going to make your own cabinet or a bookshelf, a good, regular hand saw and a table will be fine.

A band saw works cutting the wooden board in one axis, the “x” axis, so you need to be able to simulate the same type of movement. Sawing over a sturdy, flat table will help keep your piece of wood sturdy, and to keep the wooden board straight in the same axis, it is important to have also wood clamps to hold firmly the board to the table.

Step 2: Position Your Wood

Next, position your wood (or whatever material you need to cut) on the table, and take a moment to figure out exactly where you will need to cut and the type of axis you’ll need to be sawing on. Clamp the wood into place.

Step 3: Using a Bow Saw

Now that your wood is in place, you need to choose the type of saw you’re going to use, like a hand saw or an electric saw, for instance. However, the pros suggest that the best improvisatory replacement for a band saw is a bow saw. This long tool has a special handle that gives you greater manipulation and control over the cut, meaning that you can still make the price curved shapes, or any other irregular shape, that you need for your project.

Step 4: Safety First!

Of course, any tutorial on using saws is incomplete without a safety reminder. When you’re working on your project, remember to wear your safety goggles and be cautious while you saw. Especially for this project of improvising a band saw, you might want to have an extra set of hands to help you manipulate the object that you’re sawing.