How to Increase Flame Height on a Gas Fire Pit

What You'll Need
Heat resistant gloves
Wire brush
Needle tool
Small crochet needle
Air Compressor

There may be a number reasons you might want to increase the height of the flame in your gas fire pit. One reason may be simply that the holes in your gas pipe are clogged and are preventing a flame that is hot enough for your cooking requirements.

Step 1 – Remove Fire Pit Lava Rock

To access the gas pipes, remove the lava rock in your fire pit that covers these pipes. Be sure these rocks are cool when you move them. Use heat resistant gloves to keep from burning your hands.

Step 2 – Clean Gas Pipes

Use an air compressor to blow out dust, ash, or debris in the fire pit gas pipes. Examine the holes through which your gas is delivered. If they are clogged by dirt, rust, or corrosion, use a wire brush or needle tool to remove the clog.

Step 3 – Adjust Your Flame Adjustment Valve

If you have a flame adjustment valve that is not turned fully on, adjust it to get a higher flame.

Step 4 – Increase Gas Tank Pressure

Open wider your gas tank valve. This will allow a greater flow of gas to your fire pit.