How to Increase Tension in Scroll Saw Blades How to Increase Tension in Scroll Saw Blades

What You'll Need
Scroll saw

The tension of scroll saw blades will make a drastic effect on how the cuts are made in the wood project. The tension of the scroll saw blade will also dictate the life of it. If there is too much tension on the blade it will snap in harder wood. If the tension is too low then it will not cut very accurately and ruin the cut. Here is a quick guide to increasing the tension of scroll saw blades.

Step 1 - Install the Scroll Saw Blade

Most of the time the tension of the scroll saw blades will need to be done when the blade is replaced. Install the new blade according to the manufacturer's directions. 

Step 2 - Increase Tension with Tension Rod

After the blade has been installed you will then use the tension rod to increase the tension of the blade. Some scroll saws will have a tension screw that must be turned. Either way, hold onto the blade as you are setting the tension to feel for how "tight" it feels. 

Step 3 - Listen for Tone

One of the ways to test the scroll saw blade for the right tension is to listen to the tone of it. Hit the blade lightly with a metal object and listen to see if it is high pitched. If it is very high, the tension is too tight and will need to be lowered. 

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