How to Increase the Efficiency of a Heat Pump System

What You'll Need
Heat pump filter
Mastic sealant
Metal tape
Programmable thermostat

Because a heat pump system depends on transferring heated air for the heating or cooling of your home, good air flow in these systems is critical. If your heat pump system if not operating efficiently, you need to know how to increase its air flow.

Step 1 - Change or Clean Clogged Air Filters

In seasons where your heat pump works harder, check its filter. If the filter is clogged, its pump motor will work longer and harder to pump air through it. Clean clogged washable filters by soaking them in a solution of soap and water. Rinse well. For filters that are likely to deteriorate when wet, replace them.

Step 2 – Repair Leaks In Your Ductwork.

With your system turned on and air flowing through its ductwork, locate air leaks around connections and seal them with mastic sealant or metal tape.

Step 3 – Provide Space for Your Outside Unit

Air will flow more freely through your system if the outside unit is placed where air can freely flow through it. Check to be sure there are no nearby objects that can block the flow of air. Keep the unit out of enclosures where air flow is limited. If necessary, move your unit away from outdoor areas where it is exposed to high winds.