How to Increase Water Pressure in an RV Shower

An RV shower is what you want following a long day behind the wheel. An RV shower is built for a better living condition inside your RV. Moreover, you should maintain the cleanliness of an RV shower in order to have a good flow of water. Here are some points to follow to increase the water pressure in your RV shower.

Materials Needed:

  • Cloth or rag
  • Teflon tape
  • Monkey Wrench

Step 1 - Clean a Clogged Screen

Note that not all shower heads have screens. Screens are situated at the cove of the shower spout. To unsoil a congested shower head screen, remove  the spout of the shower from the hand held hose or from the shower pipe. Make use of a wrench and a cloth if you cannot take out the shower head using only your hands. Using a rag will help you shield the shower head’s finish. After removing the screen, clean it and run water through it to wash away the residue.

Step 2 - Remove the Shower Flow Restrictor

You may also need to take out the flow restrictor or the gasket, which depends on the form of your shower spout. The gasket is situated in the shower head inlet. It is small black piece of rubber and is shaped like a donut. When removing the gasket from the shower head cove, make use of a screwdriver. You should take out the gasket cautiously so as not to damage the threads of the shower head. Apply Teflon tape when you replace the shower spout.