How to Increase Weak Hose Pressure

The pressure of your hose is very important so that you can water plants at a far distance, this also makes it much easier to water hanging baskets and anything else high up.

If you have a low hose pressure then watering plants can be challenging which is why you will be interested to find out how to increase the pressure of your hose.


A loss of pressure is often caused by a leak, this leak could be in a number of places. You need to first check the hose pipe itself. You can do this in a number of ways. You could try running water through it and looking out for any leaks. You could also submerge it under water like a bike tire looking for bubbles.

If the hose pipe has a leak then this needs to be replaced or repaired. Repair jobs on hose pipes aren't normally very successful which is why you should probably consider getting a new hose pipe.


The leak could also be a result of a work or broken washer in the connection onto your tap. If the washer is broken then you might notice a stream of water coming down from the tap. Replacing this washer could do the job.

It's also worth checking the condition of the washer in the tap itself to make sure this is OK too.