How to Inflate Tubeless Tires

Tubeless tires are the newer type of tires that do not need an interior tube filled with air. The air goes straight into the tires and it does not need a separate inner tubing to accommodate the air. Inflating tubeless tires are therefore not that tricky.

Tools and Materials

  • Tubeless Tire
  • Air Compressor

Step 1: Preparation

Remove the screw-on cap covering the pin of the tire where you the air will go into. Get the air compressor and plug it into a socket. There are also portable air compressors that can plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or accessory outlet for power.

Step 2: Inflating the Tire

Attach the hose of the air compressor to the pin of the tire. Make sure that the pin goes all the way inside the connector attached to the hose of the compressor. You will see a lock on the connector. Engage the lock by pushing it down. This will prevent the connection from getting disengaged. Turn on the compressor and watch and wait as the tire fills up with air.

Step 3: Tire Pressure

Depending on the tubeless tire, be sure to pump in just the right amount of pressure recommended by the manufacturer. For normal sedans, normal tire pressure is usually 30-32 psi. Most air compressors would have a gauge and when you see that the pressure gauge reaches 30, shut if off otherwise, your tubeless tires will be over-inflated.