How to Inspect a Septic Tank Baffle

What You'll Need
Mirror or Waterproof camera

Making sure that your septic tank baffle is in working order is a must. This will ensure that no scum or grease gets into the actual tank. Here are a few steps to take to check that it is in top shape.

Step 1 - Check Both the Inlet and Outlet

You need to start out by checking both the inlet and the outlet to make sure there is no damage. What you are looking for is basically a layer of floating scum. This could be over the tank baffle or any evidence that a layer has been covering that area.

Step 2 - Check the Tank For Overflow

This can be a little bit harder to do because the baffles are not as easy to see but using a mirror or even a camera in the water can help you. If you don't have either of those things then you can try to completely open the baffles. If there is an overflow you should be able to point it out pretty quickly as you can see that there is or has been water and sewage on top of the baffle.

Both of these steps will help you to keep your septic tank baffle running smoothly so that you don't wind up with scum or grease floating inside. Use the towel to clean up afterwards.