How to Install Garden Fencing Mesh

metal mesh garden fence
  • 5-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-500
What You'll Need
12-foot posts
Hooked ground stakes
White strips
Roofing nails or fence staples

If you are a gardener, you probably already know how important garden fencing is for protecting the fruits of your labor from unwanted animals. If you are considering planting a garden, installing a fence is a must. Follow these steps to install your own fencing mesh.

Step 1 - Select your Fencing

To build your own fence, you must first find the right fencing material. You need to make sure your garden fencing is strong and will not corrode or weather. You also need to determine the height of your fence and the amount you will need for the fence. For larger animals like deer, you'll need a taller fence. To determine the amount, measure the size of the area you are looking to fence. Also, check your local zoning laws to determine whether you need a permit, depending on the size and proximity to other buildings.

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Step 2 - Sink your Posts

You will need a post about every 20 feet. You will be using these to support your fence, so make sure they will withstand harsh weather conditions and leaning. For a more natural look, try to use trees instead of posts whenever possible. You will need the help of at least two people to install your garden fencing.

Have two people stretch the mesh fencing tightly between each fence or tree. While your helpers hold and stretch the fencing, attach the fence securely at each post or tree. You can use fence staples, roofing nails, or other similar fasteners. Attach the fence around the outside of the posts and trees, not the inside. This will make the fence more difficult to pull down.

Step 3 - Secure the Bottom

It is important to secure the bottom of the garden fencing in order to prevent animals from being able to push under the fence to enter. To do this, use hooked ground stakes to tack down the mesh every five or six feet.

Now that your back garden fencing is assembled, you need to reinforce for strength. Do this by running a strand of wire along the top of the fence. You can also attach wire at the bottom for extra support.

Step 4 - Make the Fence Visible

Next, you want to attach white strips to the fence. The strips are about two inches wide and should be tied to the fence about every 10 feet. Tie them at about four feet high. This will let the animals know there is a fence up. Be sure not to leave gaps in your garden fencing because animals can wander in, panic, and be not be able to get themselves out. As a result, they can harm themselves, the garden, and the fence.

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