How to Install a Baby Gate onto a Stair Banister How to Install a Baby Gate onto a Stair Banister

What You'll Need
Baby gate
Stair banister
Tape measure
Baby gate installation instructions

A baby gate is a child proofing measure that many parents take on to keep their home safe for their babies. This is especially critical when your baby begins to take his or her first steps and you have a home that is multiple levels with stairs. Knowing how to properly install a baby gate on the stair and stair banister will keep your child safe and protected from any unnecessary falls or injuries that may occur accidentally as a result.

Installing a baby gate simply requires you to purchase a gate that fits the size and width of your stair's banister and following the instructions that come inside. This article will provide a generic description for the process of attaching the baby gate to the stair banister. You should read the instructions before attempting the installation and be sure that you know what you are doing for the safety and well being of your baby.

Step 1: Purchase a Baby Gate

Go to the store and purchase a baby gate for your home. The baby gate should be sturdy and durable and not collapse inward under the weight or pressure of the baby. If the baby gate cannot withstand the weight of your baby search for one that can.

Ask the store associate for information on the different models of baby gates that the store sells and as for any recall notices or consumer product safety recalls that may be associated with the product or the company manufacturing the product. 

Step 2: Assemble the Baby Gate

In more cases than not the baby gate will come pre-assembled out of the box. This will make life easier for you when installing the baby gate to the banister of your stairs in the home. If you need to assemble any of the parts to  the baby gate, follow the assembly instructions that came with the baby gate and make sure that you follow them exactly.

Step 3: Install the Baby Gate

You will need to attach the baby gate to the banister once it is assembled or the pre-assembled baby gate is taken out of the box. Most baby gates have a locking mechanism that holds it in place when you click it and stays rigid regardless of the actions of the baby. Secure the baby gate to the banister in manner prescribed in the instructions for the brand or model that you purchased. You need to pull on the baby gate forcefully to make sure that it is attached properly and that the baby gate does not move when pressure is applied. 

Be sure to check the baby gate thoroughly before, during and after installation in order to make sure that it does not buckle or fold or give way. If there is any wiggle or slack in the baby gate, remove it immediately and return it to the place of original purchase.

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