How to Install a Band Saw Fence

What You'll Need
Band Saw
Band Saw Fence
Scrap material to cut

A band saw fence is used to help keep all of your cuts accurate and to make sure you are cutting squarely and staying on the right track. The problem is that every blade cuts differently so it's not just setting the fence that you have to worry about. Until you get to know your saw cutting accurately, cutting will be a little tricky. Once you have gotten used to the band saw fence and have set the tool up properly, the band saw should become the most used tool in your workshop.

Installing a band saw fence is not difficult, as long as you have the right tools and equipment available. The difficult part will be when you try to start setting it up. It needs to be set accurately to get the best results.

Step 1 - Choosing the Band Saw Fence

If your band saw didn't come with a fence already fitted, then you will need to purchase one. All fences do pretty much the same job, however you will need to make sure you choose one which is the right size to fit on your band saw. You will also need to choose a high quality saw which won't move when you're trying to use it. If the fence keeps on moving then cutting anything accurately with it will be next to impossible. Avoid the very cheap imports and instead stick to fences from a reputable company.

The band saw fence will normally be flat packed and require some construction. Every band saw fence will be different so you will need to refer to the instructions. Normally it's a pretty straight forward process.

Step 2 - Fixing the Fence

The fence needs to be fixed onto the band saw, this is normally screwed into mounting points on your band saw, or clamped over the cutting table. Read the manual to find out exactly how your saw fence will fit onto the saw.

Next, you need to set the fence to the required depth and then you can start using it to cut whatever you want accurately. Use some scraps of material to practice setting the fence so that you know how to get accurate cuts. This may take a lot of practice. Don't let bad cuts upset you because they are normal. Once you are used to using the saw, you will be able to cut as accurately as possible.