How to Install a Bathroom Extractor Fan

A bathroom extractor fan is a very useful type of fan which is designed to remove moisture and smells from the atmosphere. It's required according to the building regulations in most states in rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and toilets. You will need to install a bathroom extractor fan to remove the moisture from the shower.

A bathroom extractor fan is very useful as it makes it possible to improve the environment of your bathroom. You must spend time working out how to install these bathroom extractor fans so that the project is a success.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Extractor fan
  • Electrical wiring
  • Ducting
  • Switch
  • Wire strippers
  • Hacksaw
  • Plywood
  • Knife
  • Hammer drill
  • Masonry drill bits
  • Stepladders
  • Access ladder
  • Hammer
  • Gloves
  • Plasterboard saw
  • Chisels
  • Screwdriver
  • Spirit level
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Goggles

Step 1 - Preparation

First thing you need to spend time positioning your fan. Ideally the fan needs to be seated as high as possible, to work effectively they need to be at least 1.8 meters from the floor. They should also really be positioned close to the source of the small or moisture, however they shouldn't be positioned over the cooker and they should be a far way away from the door.

Step 2 - Checking for Cables

It's always a sensible idea to check for cables in the wall by using a cable detector. This is a small device which is affordable and can tell you where the wires are in the wall. You don't want to accidentally sever any wires because this will add to your work load.

Step 3 - Checking the Wall

Go round the outside of the wall and take a look at any obstructions. If there are any pipes or other obstructions then you won't be able to fit the extractor fan there. Also make sure that the extractor fan won't force the fumes into another window.

Step 4 - Marking the Hole

Mark the size of the hole on the inside of the wall, there will often be a template included with the kit to make cutting the hole in the wall very easy and straightforward. Drill through the center of the hole and then use the hammer drill to drill right the way around the hole. Alternatively you can use a hole cutter which is easier but not something everyone will have.

Step 5 - Chipping Out the Waste

The rubble now needs to be removed by using a chisel and hammer. If there are any rough areas inside the hole then these can be trimmed by using a finer chisel.

Step 6 - Fitting the Ducting

The ducting will need to be fitted inside the hole, make sure that this is flush with the wall and the duct should be sloping down towards the ground on the outside.

Step 7 - Wiring Up the Fan

The fan needs to be wired up to a circuit breaker which will trip in case any moisture makes its way into the internal electrical systems. The fan should also be connected to a heavy duty waterproof switch which is like a light pull. Make sure that this can be used in bathrooms safely