How to Install a Bathroom Sink Pop-up Drain Part 2 How to Install a Bathroom Sink Pop-up Drain Part 2

In Part 1 of this guide to installing a bathroom sink pop up drain, you removed the clevis and the pivot rods together with the stopper. You should also have removed the j-bend trap and the drain flange. In Part 2, you will complete the job. Follow the simple steps below.

Step 7 – Clean the Drain

Clean the drain hole from any putty leftover after removing the drain flange. Also clean the other parts of the drain assembly especially the drain pipe. Clear the pipe from all the debris in it, such as hair, toothpaste and soap.

Step 8 – Install New Pop-up Drain Body

To install the new pop up drain, you must first insert the drain basket into the drain hole and then attach it to the new j-bend trap. Make sure that the pipe of the basket is at least 3 inches inside the trap. Otherwise, if the drain basket pipe is too long, cut it to the right size using a reciprocating saw.

Step 9 – Install New Flange

Grab some plumber’s putty and roll it for a while to form a thin rope. Then apply the putty rope to the bottom of the flange and insert it in the drain hole. Apply some pressure to push down the flange fully and then cut off the extra putty using a plastic scraper.

Step 10 – Screw the Nuts

Now that the flange is in place, you can screw the nut to attach the trap to the drain basket pipe using a wrench. You can also screw the nut that attaches the trap to the drain pipe using a pair of channel lock pliers. Make sure to screw the nuts properly to avoid any leakages.

Step 11 -  Put the Pop-up Stopper in the Drain Hole

Insert the new pop up stopper in the sink’s new basket and from underneath the sink insert the pivot and the clevis rods joined together. Then screw the clevis rod with the stopper lever using the pliers. Screw also the pivot rod with the sink drain pipe. Again, make sure that you screw the nuts correctly to prevent any leakages.

Step 12 – Testing

Check that everything is attached correctly and that the pop up assembly is functioning properly. Pull the stopper lever up and down to check if the stopper is closing and opening while doing so. Run some water to check if there are any leakages and check if the stopper seals completely when the sink is filled with water.

If everything is working fine, the job is complete. You should have a new pop up drain assembly installed and working properly in your sink. However, it is recommended to regularly clear the drain basket from any debris, like hair, toothpaste or shaving foam.

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