How to Install a Bathroom Sink Pop-up Drain Part 3 How to Install a Bathroom Sink Pop-up Drain Part 3

What You'll Need
PVC j-bend
PVC elbow
Plumbers wrench or soft tool
Plumber tape
Hack saw
Sink pop up valve

Once you have the main drain line in place you will need to install the sink pop-up drain, and the proper j-bends into the line running to the actual drain in the sink. The process is the same, with or without a garbage disposal, it will simply effect the length of the pipes you are cutting to fit into the system. in each case you will want to follow a standard process to ensure you have a bend in the drain line, this prevents sewage fumes and waste from coming up through your sink. 

Step 1 - Attach the Pop-Up Valve

The pop-up valve should be installed first so that you know how much room you have to work with going forward on the project. The sink pop-up drain hooks to a lever at the top of your faucet, and when you pull it up or down the drain opens and closes. Once it is mounted in place, slide the bar from your faucet valve handle into the clamp on the side of your valve. Leave it like this for now, it will have to be adjusted after the rest of your piping is in place, you can also use plumber's tape on all threads as you go to ensure a water tight seal.

Step 2 - Install the J-bend

The idea behind the j-bend underneath your sink pop up drain, is to trap water and waste as it goes out, creating a pocket of water so that fumes from the septic system does not come up through your sink drain. This is used with an elbow that makes a curve shape or path before it get to the actual drain line. You may have to cut your j-bend so that the threaded end of the bend is even with the drain pipe, and the elbow simply connects the two. This will have to be done in most cases where a garbage disposal is in place under the sink, as it will extend the distance from the bottom of the sink drain.

Step 3 - Adjust your Pop-Up Valve

Once all the sections are in place and water sealed you can then adjust the sink pop-up drain. You should notice by running water that when it is in one position or the other, the drain opens and closes to let the water out. You can adjust this by moving the securing pin up and down along the valve handles shaft until it functions properly, opening and closing the valve without interruption or leakage.

In some cases, such as with a dual sink system, one usually has the garbage disposal installed in it, while the other has a pop-up valve to stop up the water. The reason for this, is that the lever is generally not long enough to reach under the garbage disposal to the valve, and the entire system would have to fill with water before the sink. This also allows old food and refuse to float up into your dishwater from the garbage disposal which is unsanitary. 

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