How to Install a Bathroom Window

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  • 4-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 300-1,000
What You'll Need
Your new window
Tape Measure
Pen and Paper
Utility knife
Mounting screws
Help of a trusty friend
Glass cleaner

If you're looking to create some energy savings on your next bill, or simply looking to spruce up your bathroom a bit, choosing to install a bathroom window is a great idea.

Run through the steps below to make this DIY project a fast, simple, and money-saving one.

Choose Your Window

Windows come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Choose the one that best suits your bathroom and go from there.

Measure the Space

Using your tape measure, measure the width and height, top to bottom, and side to side. Mark these measurements down so you are able to remember. Many times we get distracted when doing a DIY project and often forget the measurements we just took.

Remove the Old Window

You will want to remove the inside of the window, and then the outside. This can be done by breaking the seal on the old caulking with a utility knife and prying the window with a crowbar.

Clean it Out

After you have removed the old window you will want to make sure you clean the dust, dirt, wood shavings, and debris out of the window area. You will want to sand down an uneven spot in the window jamb before you continue.

Use the Caulking Gun

Using your caulking gun, caulk the outside window jambs. You will want to also smooth out any caulk lines with your wetted fingertip to make a smooth finish.

Attach the Header

Caulk the header to the window. Once again, smooth any caulk lines using your finger.

Insert the New Window

After making sure the window area is free and clear of any debris, it is time to insert your new window. Asking someone to help at this point is a great idea, so you are able to use your level to determine if any adjustments need to be made to the window prior to sealing it up.

Secure the Window

After making sure it is level, drill your mounting screws into the window jamb on both the top and the bottom of the window.

Test the Sashes

You will need to test out the sashes to make sure that they slide smoothly.

Now Onto the Inside

Going to the inside of the window now with your caulking gun, caulk the inside. This is the last time you will be smoothing out any caulk lines with your finger.

Wipe it Down

Grab some glass cleaner and wipe down the outside and inside of the window to make it shine. A helpful hint is to use newspaper to wipe the glass cleaner. The chemicals in the ink and paper itself help to make it a streak-free window.

There you have it! You have completed the installation of your new bathroom window. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.