How to Install a Bathtub Drain Stopper

What You'll Need
New bathtub drain stopper
Pair of pliers
Tub and tile cleaner
Soft sponge
Plumber's putty

A bathtub drain stopper is used when you are taking a bath. It helps to make sure that you do not lose warm water while in the tub. Sometimes the bathtub drain stopper quits working after developing a small leak. Eventually that leak becomes much bigger, and the stopper ceases to work. Installing a new drain stopper is not that hard if you follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Turn off the Water

Turn off the water supply to the drain you will be working in. There may be a turn off valve right underneath the drain, or you may have to go to the main water shutoff (usually located in the basement) and turn off the water to the entire house.

Step 2 - Remove the Drain Plug

If your plug is stuck inside the drain hole and you can't get it out by hand, you will need to use pliers. Grab the plug and twist it in a counter clockwise direction. By doing this, the plug will come out of the drain hole.

Step 3 - Remove the Drain

To remove the drain you will need to use the tub wrench. Unscrew the flange of the drain (counterclockwise) until it dislodges and comes out.

Step 4 - Clean the Surface

Before putting in the new drain, make sure the area is clean. Clean the surface with a little tub and tile cleaner and a soft sponge. 

Step 5 - Apply Putty and Install Drain

Apply plumber's putty under the rim of the flange. This creates a tight seal, so no water can leak out.

Now you can install the new drain. In a clockwise direction, take the drain and position it in the hole. Using the tub wrench will make it easier to get the drain correctly into the hole.

Step 6 - Screw the Stopper Together

Twist the stopper in place by turning it clockwise. Make sure it is in the drain all the way. Allow the drain to dry at least 24 hours before you test it out.

Step 7 - Turn on the Water

Turn the water supply to your home back on.

Step 8 - Test the Drain Stopper

Now to test the drain stopper. Turn the water on and fill the tub part way. If it completely holds the water with no leakage, your job is done. If you do have a leak, you might have to redo the drain. You might just need to do some re-tightening of the drain and the drain stopper.