How to Install a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

What You'll Need
Door opener kit
What You'll Need
Door opener kit

Installing a belt drive garage door opener is not hard to do, and it can save you a lot of hassle if the one you currently have is acting up. whether you're looking for an upgraded model or just a replacement for what you already have, follow the steps below for installation.

Step 1 - Test the Door

If you are installing a garage door opener you need to make sure that the door is lubricated well and that it is working properly. If you have trouble manually raising the door, you should not install a door opener. You will have to have the door springs, pulleys and cables checked and repaired before you can install your opener.  

Step 2 - Prepare the Door

If you have ropes and cords that are attached to the door, you will need to remove these before you install the opener. You don't want to get tangled up in these when you are installing the garage door opener. If you have garage door locks, you need to remove them as well. 

Step 3 - Setup the Power

It is important that you place the actual power unit at least seven feet above the floor. This mainly is for the safety of those who are tall. There is a manual disconnect cord on all garage door openers, and you should make sure that this is no more than 6 feet from the garage floor so that adults are able to reach it should there be the need. 

If the door opener requires that you need to install some wiring that is permanent, make sure that you have the power to the garage is shut off until you have finished working with the wiring. Make sure to always make sure that the power cord of the opener is grounded to avoid getting shocked. 

Step 4 - Install the Push Button

There is a push button control with most openers. This should be installed at least 5 feet from the garage floor so that small children cannot get to it, but others using the opener can see it easily. 

Step 5 - Install the Header Bracket

Locate the middle point of the door and you can put the header bracket here at the distance the manual states. Then you can connect the idler assembly. Connect this to the power unit's bracket.  

Step 6 - Mount the Power Unit

Get a stepladder and figure out how high the power unit needs to be so that it can clear the door when the door is open. After you have done this, open the door completely and see how much the power unit needs to be adjusted. Adjust height if needed, and if not, attach the power unit to the garage ceiling with mounting straps.  

If it so happens that the the joists are parallel to the garage door, you will need to get 2, 2 by 4s and nail them between the joists and use this to mount the unit to them. Otherwise just attach to the joists.  Inspect the door by opening and shutting the door manually.

Step 7 - Linkage Assembly

The next thing you will do is attach the linkage assembly. Connect the door bracket so that is in the middle of the garage door, and follow the distance the manual suggests. Attach the button control in a easily reached location. Take the button wire up the wall and along the top of the ceiling so that you can attach to the power unit. Make sure to connect the wiring with staples but do not staple through the wire itself.  

Make sure that you place the eye system properly because if the electric system is not adjusted correctly, it can cause unsafe and improper operation of the garage door.