How to Install a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Microphone

What You'll Need
Exacto Knife
Bluetooth Microphone Kit
Rubbing Alcohol

A helmet microphone is one of the best ways to communicate with other people that you are traveling with. Using a Bluetooth helmet mircophone makes sure that the mic is wireless and able to sync with a variety of different devices. Being able to talk on a Bluetooth enabled phone, or to your passenger, is invaluable for directions, keeping in contact, or emergency situations. Installation of the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is going to be different depending on whether you have an open, full face, or flip shield type of helmet. For this how-to, we will describe installation of a Bluetooth helmet microphone for an open face helmet. 

Step 1: Inspect Inner Area of Helmet

Before you start to install the helmet microphone you will need to check the inside portion of the helmet. The speaker for the microphone must be positioned near your ear. Check the padding in the helmet to make sure there is going to be sufficient room for the speaker to be placed there. Some helmets do not have enough room so you will need to peel back the lining. 

Step 2: Cut Foam for Speakers

Once you have found the position for the speaker you need to cut out the foam liner around the ear. It is important that the helmet still fits the same way that it did before the speaker is installed. Cut out the foam according the the outline of the speaker. It is helpful to first draw the outline by tracing the speaker onto the foam. 

Step 3: Clean Ear Pocket

With the foam lining removed, clean out the ear pocket area with a clean cloth and some rubbing alcohol. This will prepare the area for mounting the speaker. 

Step 4: Mount Speaker

Peel back the paper from the Velcro backing on the speaker and press it into place. Make sure that it adheres and then move onto the microphone.

Step 5: Position Microphone and Amplifier

On the side of the helmet position the boom microphone for the Bluetooth headset and the amplifier pack. It should be positioned in a place where the helmet microphone will line up with the wearer's mouth. Mark this area with a pencil. 

Step 6: Drill Hole for Retaining Clamp

For the Bluetooth helmet microphone to be secure you will need to drill some holes for the retaining screws. Drill the holes with a cordless drill and appropriate sized drill bit. 

Step 7: Install Microphone

With the holes drilled into the side of the helmet, place the microphone amplifier onto the side. Insert the screws and use the included nuts to tighten the small bolts. 

Step 8: Press Wires into Liner

After the microphone amplifier has been installed you will need to make sure the wires are hidden and secure. Most kits come with a simple wooden tool for this job. Take this tool and slide the wires into the seams of the lining. 

Step 9: Position Boom and Test

Connect the boom mic to the helmet and test it out with the different devices. You will have to follow directions in pairing with other Bluetooth devices.