How to Install a Built-In Gas Grill

A built-in gas grill is the foundation of any good outdoor kitchen, and makes a great gathering place for a barbecue with friends and family on the weekend. Installing a built in gas grill is not difficult, but there are a few things to consider before you buy and begin construction.

Step 1 – Choose Suitable Location

Before you begin, select a good location for the grill. It should be a safe distance away from your home as well as any dry, flammable or combustible materials, like wood logs or items in a shed. You might want to consider clearing a new area for your outdoor kitchen to ensure that everything is safe.

Step 2 - Choose a Gas Grill

There are many types of high-quality gas grills available. Pick a model that meets your budget and provides the features that you require. While you want a high-quality grill, you should consider how long you will actually live in your present home. If you plan on selling the home fairly soon, it might make sense to lower your investment a bit as removing a built-in grill will prove to be difficult at a later time.

Step 3 - Build an Encasement

To secure your grill and provide counter space for food preparation, build an encasement. This will make your outdoor kitchen area more permanent, sturdy and appealing to family and visitors. You can create an enclosure from brick or masonry, or you can use treated lumber and then cover it with floor tiles.

Step 4 - Leave Room for Accessories

When designing and building encasement, make sure to leave areas for a natural gas hookup an LPG propane tank. Additionally, plan for several cabinets and drawers as well to store outdoor pots and barbecue accessories.

Step 5 - Test Your Grill

Before encasing your barbecue grill in the permanent structure, thoroughly test it. Make sure all of the pilot lights are working and that all the burners are operating correctly. Should you find problems with the grill after you install it, it will be extremely difficult to remove and replace.