How to Install a Bumper Winch

What You'll Need
Nylon cable or winch line
Cable weight
Winch kit
Mounting hardware
Heavy gauge cable

Whatever type of vehicle you drive, if you go off-road you need a bumper winch. If not for your safety in bad weather, then just to be able to make it over and out of bad spots you run into. In this article we are going to tell you how to install a winch on your vehicle.

Step 1 - Choosing Your Winch

Choosing the right winch for your car is fairly easy. Just read on the box or ask the clerk to help you get the biggest one that your vehicle can handle as far as the power of our battery. For instance, a 4 cylinder engine will not be able to handle as big a winch as an 8 cylinder motor. Don't get one that your motor cannot handle.

Step 2 - Choosing the Mounting Kit

Next you have to decide where you want the winch mounted at on your vehicle. There is different mounting hardware in each kit that is for a specific place .

Step 3 - Mounting the Winch

Read through the instructions carefully that came with the kit. Drill your holes where you decided to mount it according to your directions and mount it accordingly. You want to make sure that it is securely fastened to the body of your vehicle. Now you are going to secure it by using the heavy duty cable that you bought. Be sure make everything secure and safe. Safety in use of the winch is most important and installing it correctly is the start.

Step 4 - Installing the Line

Connect the line you bought, or cable, to the winch's spool. Turn the winch on and slowly Let the cable roll onto the spool keeping the line taunt as you go. Let it go on side to side no all in one bunch The sandbag or weight that you bought is what you are going to put on the end of the line each time you connect it to another source. This will prevent the cable from flying back through the spool. Test it a few times to make sure it runs correctly. You  should have on the winch a forward, reverse and a brake. Have a little fun and put a log or something on the end of the line and see if you can haul it in. Then reverse it and push the line out a bit, check the brake and all the operating systems before you are out and really need it. You should also invest in a good metal hook and length of chain to hook to the winch cable in case there is nothing to hook the cable onto and you need to rig the object you are pulling.