How to Install a Car Bumper Protector How to Install a Car Bumper Protector

What You'll Need
2 Bumper guards
Bumper guard cutter (straight edge)
Masking tape
Pencil or crayon
Measuring tape

A car bumper protector is a nifty piece of car accessory that will protect your bumper. If you're not exactly great at parking, this is definitely a great accessory to have. Check out the steps in installing a car bumper protector below. Before starting with the installation, make sure your bumper is clean and dry.

Step 1 – Add Guides

In order to make your bumper guards level and straight, you'll need a masking tape as your guide. Start by attaching your masking tape in one end of the bumper. Work your way to the other end of the bumper making sure you have a straight line. You can use a leveler and position it parallel to your masking tape. Adjust accordingly to make your line straight and leveled.

Step 2 – Position the Bumper Guards

Now it's time to position your bumper guards at the edges or corners of your bumper. Don't press it in place just yet. Make sure that it is positioned correctly before pressing down.

Step 3 – Cut Ends

To make it look like it was professionally made, you may cut the ends on an angle. Using the straight edge of your bumper guard cutter, draw a straight line with your pencil or crayon. For a perfect angle, you can follow the wheel edge's angle. Now you may trim the ends.

Step 4 – Press the Bumper Guards

After you have trimmed the bumper guards, you may now press it down gently making sure it is secured in its place. Remove the masking tape and you're done.

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