How to Install a Car Computer Touch Screen How to Install a Car Computer Touch Screen

What You'll Need
Wire couplers
Wire caps
Cable for running added devices
Secondary VGA or digital monitor (optional)
Internal speakers
Am/Fm radio antennae
USB hub

The thing to know when you go to install a car computer touch screen, is that this is a very serious piece of high tech equipment, that can have multiple functions and ports added to its functionality. Some of these units also come with a remote control for the backseat passengers, so the driver is not distracted when driving, and they may want to change music or a video feed to a rear monitor. For more details on hooking up added functions, you would want to consult your owner's manual for the details. Most car computer touch screen models come with on board memory for storing files and data, and access to multiple USB ports to add this data to the unit or extend it with external devices just like a home computer. They are very versatile and generally come stock with a GPS and tracking system, as well as all the software to play music and video.

Step 1 - Hook up the Input Connections

Once you have your car computer touch screen in position to be installed, you will want to begin by hooking up all of your input devices to the unit. The connectors should be labeled by color and listed in the owners manual by color code. Pair the lines to your devices, such as your AM/FM antennae, the coupling to your multi-disk changer or even an added hard drive or CD/DVD Rom.

Step 2 - Hook up all Output Connections

Hook the primary output connectors to your car computer touch screen unit. This would include your amplifier, and sound speaker wires that would run direct to the speakers using the systems on board sound or even a secondary monitor that can be mounted for those riding in the back. The unit should have connectors for all these devices which are labeled by color or code on the wires themselves, and most units have two video outputs. You can also use a USB hub to connect multiple secondary USB devices to the unit as well.

Step 3 - Finishing Up

Once all input and output connections have been made, follow the user manual instructions to properly mount your car computer touch screen into the dashboard of the vehicle to avoid having it fall out while in transit. Some of these units simply fit into the hole left by your old car stereo, but in some cases, depending on the unit, you may have to make modifications to make it work. Once you have the unit installed and ready to go, turn it on and test all your channels and access options.

If you can not access certain devices from your car computer touch screen, you may want to make sure that all the USB connections are solid and have access to power. The wiring in your vehicle for your old stereo will be enough to run the unit, but you may have to add power options for the secondary devices to your electrical harnessing.

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