How to Install a Car Microphone How to Install a Car Microphone

What You'll Need
Hands-free microphone kit for your cell phone
Cell phone that supports Blue Tooth technology
Screwdriver and Drill with bits (if hands-free kit has phone stand)

If you want to install a car microphone to make using your cell phone in your vehicle easier and safer, you will need to find a hands-free kit for your phone and install it. Installing a microphone in your car is easier than you think, and this simple how-to guide will show you everything you need to know.

Step 1 - Purchase Hands-Free Kit

Before you get started, you'll need to purchase a hands-free kit for your cellular telephone. When buying or ordering a kit for your phone, be sure the phone and kit are compatible. In most cases, the packaging should have a list of phones that the hands-free kit is compatible with.

Step 2 - Mount Microphone

Choose a spot to mount the microphone in your vehicle. In most cases, the hands-free kits will be designed so that the microphone is installed on the visor above the driver's seat or the rear view mirror. Follow the directions that come with the kit for mounting the microphone.

Step 3 - Install Phone Support Base

Some hands-free kits come with a support base where the phone is placed when connected to the microphone. Therefore, if your hands-free kit has a base support pole, you will need to install it. Usually, the base for the support holder is usually installed into the floorboard in front of the console area of your vehicle. You can install the base with a screwdriver and the included self-tapping sheet metal screws.

Step 4 - Set Up Phone and Save Settings

Installing the microphone in your vehicle is the easy part; however, setting up your cell phone to work with the microphone may not be so easy. For this part, you will need the instruction manual that came with your telephone and need to know how to set up a Bluetooth connection between the phone and the microphone.

Although procedures and methods vary slightly, setting up your phone to work with a Bluetooth microphone usually requires that both devices be turned on, and that the Bluetooth connection be initiated from the telephone. The phone will then search for available Bluetooth connected devices and attempt to sync with them. Once the phone finds the Bluetooth-enabled microphone, it will allow you to create a connection. Most phones allow you to save connection settings so that they can easily be reused the next time you drive your car. Some cellular telephones will even automatically re-detect the microphone when you enter the vehicle.

Step 5 - Use Microphone with Phone

Once you have the Bluetooth connection enabled between the phone and the microphone, you can then use the hands-free kit to place calls. This will allow you to talk on the telephone while being able to properly operate your vehicle in a safe and responsible manner.

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