How to Install a Ceiling Fan Junction Box

What You'll Need
Mounting Brace/ Hanger
Metal Junction Box/ Ceiling Box
Stud Finder
3 inch Screws
Snap Line
Ceiling Fan
Sheetrock Saw

The ceiling fan junction box is the metallic box that holds the electrical wirings and from which the fan is suspended. Follow the steps below to effectively install a ceiling fan junction box.

Step 1 – Precautions, Tips and Advice

Turn off the power supply before you begin working with electrical wiring. If you are working in a room which already has a junction box for a previously installed light fixture, it’s likely that it is the plastic kind; you will have to remove it. It’s good to have some help around to pass the ceiling fan up to you and keep the ladder steady while you work.

Step 2 – Blade Clearance and Placement

Blade clearance is measured by subtracting the length the fan will hang below the ceiling from the ceiling to floor distance. The average accepted length under most local security codes is 7 feet. You can get the exact center by making 2 diagonal chalk lines from each of the opposite corners of the room. The place where they intersect will be the center; use snap line to find it. Use a sheetrock saw to make a hole in the place you have chosen to fit your junction box.

Step 3 – Installing the Fan Mounting Brace

If you are working between 2 joists, use a mounting brace. It will easily slip through a 4-inch hole. Once you have inserted it, jerk at it so it fits firmly between the 2 joists, acting as a support unit for your junction box and the fan.

If you are working right next to a single joist and don’t want to use a mounting brace, use 3-inch nails to drill the ceiling box into the joists for a firm hold. Keep in mind that it's best to use a patented hanger or a mounting brace, as this will give your unit the capacity to hold up to 50 pounds, which is the average weight of a ceiling fan. Also taking into account the vibrations the unit will make when running.

Step 4 – Hanging the Junction Box/ Ceiling Box from the Mounting Brace

Insert the ceiling box into the hole and hang it from the suspenders on the mounting brace to firmly attach into place. If it’s shaky, your fan will make noises when rotating. Use a 3- to 4-inch metal junction box (check your local safety code for exact sizes).

Step 5 – Tracing the Wiring and Sealing Up

Run the wiring through your junction box from the closest hot wire or power point. The wires will hang down from the junction box and will be connected to the motor of your assembled fan. The extra wires will be pushed back into the junction box. If you have access to the ceiling from the attic, it will make the wiring easy. If there is no close power supply near to the junction box, you will have to install new wiring for which you can get professional help.

If you cut the hole larger than the junction box, you will have to fill it up with caulk on the side. The rest can be covered by the canopy of your ceiling fan.