How to Install a Censored Automatic Garage Door Opener How to Install a Censored Automatic Garage Door Opener

What You'll Need
Tape measure

A garage door is a necessity for many people and when you have a garage you will want an automatic garage door opener. Having a censored garage door will allow you to not have to hit any buttons when you pull into your yard. Your garage door will open immediately for you.

Step 1 - Go through the Installation Manual

Make sure that you read the instruction manual word for word. Make sure that you lay out all of your tools to complete the project and make sure that you have help. Doing this project alone would be a problem as you are more than likely going to need an extra pair of hands.

Step 2 - Install

Take your time and install the automatic garage door opener exactly as instructed. If you see something that looks like it is off, consult the manual and reinstall.

Step 3 - Inspect and Test

The final step should be to inspect and test the garage door opener. Make sure that it works and if you have any trouble with the opener consult the dealer or a trained professional.

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