How to Install a Chain Hoist in Your Garage

What You'll Need
Chain Hoist
Lifting Sling
5/ 8 inch Shackle

A chain hoist can help you in lifting loads with a minimum effort and is useful to install in your garage if you plan on lifting heavy loads, such as an engine block. It is important to make sure that the component which is being employed to suspend the chain hoist is itself capable of handling the weight of the chain hoist along with the added weight to be lifted. When you are installing a chain hoist, you need to have a structural point determined. A structural point is for suspension of a chain hoist from the structural mounting point. It is also employed for the distribution of the weight between the chain hoist¹s suspending strap and its hook. Hiring a professional to install a chain hoist in your garage can cost you a handsome amount of money where as installing a chain hoist in your garage is not a complicated task and can easily be done by yourself.

Step 1 - Take Appropriate Precautions

You must read the manual of your chain hoist first. Read the details carefully and follow all the directions, safety instructions and recommendations regarding chain hoist installation and its usage. It is mandatory that you test and verify the strength of the structure to which you will be attaching the equipment. Carefully inspect the hooks, pulley blocks, chains, break and end stop to ensure their fitness and remove or repair the broken and worn out parts. Fit the chains according to the directions provided. The chains must be generously oiled. Do not try lifting the load which weighs more than the capacity of the chain hoist as falling or dropping of its parts can cause injury and property damage. Support the hoist adequately during installation.

Step 2 - Setting up the Ladder

Decide the point for the installation of the chain hoist in your garage. Set up your ladder at that point. Next, you must throw the end of the
lifting sling over the structural member which is supporting the chain hoist.

Step 3 - Removing and Threading the Shackle

From the 5/8 inch shackle, remove the shackle bolt. Then thread the shackle through the lifting sling¹s 2 eye loops. Thread back the shackle bolt in to the shackle and rotate the shackle so that the eye loops rest on the shackle bolt.

Step 4 - Suspension of the Chain Hoist from the Shackle

Open the safety catch, which is located at the top of the chain hoist. Next,  slide the hoist hook onto the shackle. Release the safety catch for suspending the chain hoist from the shackle. It is very important to ensure that the safety catch is not open because an open safety catch can result in slipping of the chain hoist from the shackle while load is being lifted.

Step 5 - Performing Operating Checks

Finally, test the installed chain hoist to ensure its functionality. It is recommended that you lubricate the load chain before the initial operation. Use a test load and lower and raise the hoist a number of times.  This will help in detecting any malfunctioning or distortion that could be present.