How to Install a Chain Link Privacy Fence How to Install a Chain Link Privacy Fence

What You'll Need
Chain link
Rail ends
Eye tops
Tension bands
Brace bands
Tension bars
Stretcher bar
Tie wires
Fence posts
Rail ends
Privacy slats

A chain link privacy fence may not sound so private, but with the proper tools, supplies, and steps you can create a fence that keeps animals, and children in, as well as noise, and the neighbors business out.

Follow the steps below, and you will find out how to install a chain link fence that creates an enclosure, as well as creating a bit of privacy.

Step 1 - Set Posts

Take your fence posts, and set them in the cement that is present in the holes that you have previously dug.

Step 2 - End Posts

There are two end posts that will be referred to in these steps. One at the beginning, and the last one in the run are both considered end posts.

You will want to apply tension and brace bands to each of the end posts that are in line.

Step 3 - Top Off the Posts

Still working on the two end posts, you will want to use eye tops to cap off each of the end posts.

Step 4 - Fasten Together

Now that you have applied the eye tops to each of the end posts, you can push the top rail down and through the eye tops. Then you need to stop the ends by using rail ends. Fasten the rail ends to the brace bands at this point.

Step 5 - Tension Bar

This is the step where you are to take your tension bar and slide it down through the first spiral on the chain link. Use a bolt to secure it to the tension bands.

Step 6 - Tie it Off

Using your tie wires secure about every 1 to 2-feet. This will hold the chain link to the top rail securely in place.

Step 7 - Stretcher Bar

Take your stretcher bar and put it into the chain link about 3-feet from the end. Attach this to the last post in the run.

Step 8 - Add Some Privacy

Now that your chain link in up, you will want to start adding privacy slats to create a little more solidness that it contains right now.

Take your first vertical privacy slat, and push it down the first column through the loops. This privacy slat will weave in and out through the areas.

Step 9 - Locking Strip

To lock your slat into place you need to take your locking strip and slide it through the top row of your chain link, as well as the notch of the first slat. This will lock it into place securely.

Step 10 - Keep Going

You will want to keep installing slats until it is complete. Each time you install a slat, you will want to slide the locking tab through all notches on each slat that you apply to the fence.

There you have it. A fence to keep in what needs to be kept in, as well as keeping things out as needed as well. Pride yourself on a job well done!

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