How to Install a Child-Proof Lock on Your Cabinet Door

What You'll Need
Child Proof Lock
Slide Lock
Electric Screwdriver

An important part of your cabinet door when you have a toddler in the home is a child proof lock. Young children are very curious and love to look into closed cabinets, closets, and drawers. Protecting them from the dangers inside is done through child proofing your home. The simplest means to do that with a cabinet door is with a child proof lock.

First Step - Choose Your Locking Mechanism

There are several different types of child proof locks available today. They can be quite elaborate in their installation and use, or very simple and inexpensive. Determine which is best for your overall situation. As kids begin to learn and develop they will figure out how to open some of the child proof locks. If you have some dangerous chemicals, or tools, then you will need to have the more elaborate locking mechanisms. However, for most applications a simple slide lock will be sufficient.

Second Step - Install Slide Lock

For this type of child proof lock to work you will need to have two closet door handles close together. This type of lock does not require any type of tool or installation process other than sliding the lock together.

Third Step - Disconnect Ends

Push in on the clasps that hold the lock together. As you push in on these buttons you will be able to slide each end apart.

Fourth Step - Place On Handle

Thread the end that you released from the lock through both of the handles on the cabinet door. As you do you will need to line up the ends together and make the connection between the two again. Slide together until it is tight on the door.

Fifth Step - Install Clip Lock

Another type of lock that is easily installed is a clip lock. This type of child proof lock will require the use of a screwdriver to attach each side.

Sixth Step - Mark Location

This type of lock is best used when there is only one cabinet door to lock. It has two pieces that need to be marked on your door. Take the one with the long handle and mark its placement on the door. Take the second and line it up with the other piece and mark its location.

Seventh Step - Attach Pieces

Using your electric screwdriver install the piece with the long handle on it to the cabinet door. Make sure it is straight and screw in the two screws that came with the lock. On the cabinet face you can now install the second piece. This second piece has a little clip on it that will secure the handle. Attach with the screwdriver with the two screws supplied with the lock.

Eighth Step - Try It Out

Once the lock is installed, you can now try it out. Push in on the handle piece and move up with your thumb. This will release the locking mechanism and allow you to open the door. It will take some pressure that children do not possess yet.