How to Install a Continuous Soffit Vent

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Continuous soffit vent

Adding a continuous soffit vent to your attic space will allow you to properly vent your attic space and ensure that it is cool enough. Soffit vents should be put into your attic by law, as only these lower-down vents can encourage air into the attic and keep your turbine vents working. Adding a continuous soffit vent allows you to get greater air flow up into that space and is a great way of keeping the attic cool if you only have very narrow eaves. Follow the simple steps below to effectively fit a continuous soffit venttak.

Step 1 - Mark the Vents

Start by measuring the continuous soffit vent, so that you know the exact distance that you need to fit into your eaves. Take these measurements, and then measure your soffit joist to ensure that you can safety fit the vent into them. Once this has been done, line up your continuous soffit vent against the joist. Using a piece of chalk, mark out the outline of the vent. Take down the vent, and put it in a safe place.

Step 2 - Cut the Hole

You should then proceed to cut out the soffit with either a hacksaw or a power tool. The power tool, such as a circular saw, will give you greater speed and strength when cutting the soffit, but the hacksaw can give you precision, meaning less errors. You should cut a slightly smaller area than the continuous soffit vent needs, and then remove the rest of the area by knife, trimming it when you come to fit the vent.

Step 3 - Add the Vent

Place the outside edge of the vent into position, and use the drill to drive screws around a foot apart all the way along the vent. You should then go into your attic, and remove the insulation surrounding the new vent hole. Place one or two pieces of lumber between your attic rafters, in order to prevent the insulation from touching the vent, and then make a clear path for the air between the rafters. If you need to make another hole for a different vent, you should place this close to the soffit vent.

Step 4 - Finish the Vent

Inside the attic, add the inside part of the vent to the soffit, placing it around the rafters so that it is held securely in place. If there are studs nearby, screw the soffit vent close to this for that you have additional security. You should then go around the edge of the vent, making sure that it is thoroughly caulked. On the outside, you can either use waterproof caulking or add roof tar to the edges. This will ensure that your continuous soffit vent is secure and watertight, so you can draw in air without making the attic floor damp.