How to Install a Copper Pipe Waste to an Equal Sized Lead Pipe How to Install a Copper Pipe Waste to an Equal Sized Lead Pipe

What You'll Need
Dielectric union fitting
Pipe thread sealant
Lead-free plumbing solder
Plumbers wrench
Solder flux

If you are going to install copper pipe to a lead pipe of equal size, you should be dictated by the Plumbing Code and good practice to make the joint effective. Most likely, you are going to need a dielectric union, which is a coupling that has been designed for fitting two types of pipes while using a washer to keep them from touching one another.

Step 1 – Getting Your Dielectric Union

The dielectric union can be purchased in most home improvement and hardware outlets in your area. But before you go, determine the size of your pipes first.

Step 2 – Connecting the Fitting to the Lead Pipe

Screw the threaded part of the union to the threaded tip of the lead pipe. Put on a thread sealant on both materials before screwing them.

Step 3 – Preparing the Copper Pipe

Prepare the tip of your copper pipe for soldering and put on the threaded ring and washer, which are components of the dielectric union into the pipe. To keep them from heating up, slide them off the end of the pipe first when you solder.

Step 4 – Soldering the Copper Pipe

Solder the tip of the copper pipe to the copper flange which is on the dielectric union.

Step 5 – Completing the Connection

Position the flanged tip of the copper pipe on the threaded coupling of the lead pipe. Put the fitting washer between the coupling and the flange and slide the threaded ring over it. Screw both ends together.

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