How to Install a Cork Bulletin Board

Installing a cork bulletin board is a quick and easy job. It is also a very cheap and convenient way to have important everyday notices and calendars pinned up on to the wall. Installing one can be done in half an hour, or even less. In other cases, the board may be nailed to the wall in which case you will need to have a stud finder.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Cork tiles or board
  • Glue
  • Nails
  • Stud finder

Step 1 – Installing a Basic Cork Bulletin Board

Some boards you can simply hang on to the wall. In other cases, you can install the board directly on to the wall. This makes it more secure and more stable. In this case, you can simply glue a few cork tiles together on to the wall, creating the right size bulletin boards that you want. You can also buy self-adhesive cork tiles, to make the job even easier.

Step 2 – Installing with Nails

If you have a bigger and more advanced board, complete with a wooden frame, you will probably want to nail it to the wall. Use the stud finder, so you can attach the board to the wall in the appropriate place. The stud finder is an electrical device which can sense the location of the beams behind the surface of the wall.