How to Install a Corner Curtain Rod

What You'll Need
Curtain rod and hardware
Tape measure
Stud finder

Installing a corner curtain rod is not much different than installing a traditional rod. The trick is to find a rod that fits the space and accommodates the needed width first. A corner curtain rod is a great accent for a variety of spaces, from concealing a pantry space or other storage or hanging a corner shower curtain, to accenting a window that is installed at an odd angle. There are a number of corner curtain rods available to purchase at your local home improvement or department store, and can also be found online to purchase. The internet is a great place to shop for a corner curtain rod, as you can typically find rods for odd sized corners. Here you will find the information needed to install the rod. It is helpful if you have another person to help with the installation, to have an extra pair of hands.

Step 1 - Select the Rod

First, you will need to measure the space that is going to be covered from the curtain. In a traditional 90 degree angle, you will want to measure the area where the rod will be installed. Measure from one wall where the rod will be attached, to the other wall at the point of attachment. Too, measure from the corner of one wall to the point of attachment, and repeat for the other side. Write down all of your measurements and use these to select the right size of rod. To make sure the rod is extra stable, use the stud finder to see if there is a stud where you would like the placement to be. A curtain rod that is installed into a stud will be much sturdier. If a stud is not available, make sure to use screw anchors to help with the stability. Mark all of your measurements on the wall.

Step 2 - Install Hardware

Most curtain rods come with the needed mounting hardware. If there is additional mounting hardware needed, you can typically find it at your local home improvement store. Using the marks made on the walls during measuring, install one side of the mounting hardware at the desired height. Attach the mounting hardware to the opposite end of the rod, and hold the rod up at the desired height. Use the level to adjust the original marking so that when the hardware and rod are installed, the rod is level. Install the other side of the hardware at the adjusted location (if needed).

Step 3 - Install Rod

Finally, attach the rod to the mounting hardware. If the mounting brackets are already permanently affixed to the rod, hold the rod up at the desired height, mark the brackets when level, and install the brackets one side at a time, using the drill to drive screws into the wall. Hang the curtain on the rod once all is inserted, and enjoy your new window or wall treatment.