How to Install a Cornice Window Treatment

What You'll Need
L-shaped brackets with screws with anchors
Tape Measure

A cornice window treatment can add some pizazz to any room. They are not hard to make, and area very low maintenance. Installation can also be a breeze with the right steps.

Step 1 - Center the Cornice

Take the measurement of the cornice and measure over the window to be sure you will have it centered. Hold the cornice over the window and mark with your pencil how far above the window you want the cornice. You'll then be ready to start installing the cornice board.

Step 2 - Install Brackets

Depending on how long your cornice is, you will need to add 2 to 3 L brackets. Using your drill, install one side of the L bracket to the cornice board. Your cornice is ready to go on the wall.

Step 3 - Hang On the Wall

Fist, hammer in the anchors to the wall so it will be up very securely. This is especially important on sheet rock. After they are installed, hold the cornice board up to the anchor, and attach the cornice board to the anchor using the drill and screws. Your cornice window treatment is securely hung.