How to Install a Cove Heater

What You'll Need
Cove Heater & Brackets
Connection Cables
Tape measure

A cove heater is attached to your wall just a few inches below the ceiling, making it convenient for placing furniture anywhere you want to without having to worry about the heater getting in the way. Its high placement also addresses safety concerns as it is out of reach of children and pets and no longer a fire hazard to curtains or comforters. Cove heaters come in a variety of sizes to fit different sized rooms and a big advantage is that because it uses radiant heat, the room receives warmth quickly. This makes it ideal for heating rooms in the house that a central heating system doesn't reach. It's also a more cost-effective system because the heat stays in the room like sun rays, even if there is a draft from open doors or windows. Cove heaters are great as supplemental heaters, but they can also be used to heat the whole house if desired. They are not just economical, but they are also fairly easy to install if you're handy.

Step 1: Mark the Center Location

Find the stud in the wall on which you will mount the center bracket.  Be sure to check for at least 4 inches of side clearance from the walls. Mark the location where the screws will go.

Step 2:  Assemble Brackets

Assemble brackets according to package specifications.

Step 3:  Mount the Brackets to the Wall

Mark the locations of the where the side brackets will go on the wall, again taking care to note the proper distance between the left end bracket and the right end bracket. Now mount the brackets to the wall.

Step 4: Mount the Heater

First, hook the heater assembly flange onto the edge of the center bracket, then mount the heater onto the center bracket. Align the heater so the end brackets can hook onto their respective slots.

Step 5:  Attach the Junction Box

After assembling the junction box, simply tilt the heater back and let the slot slip onto the hook for the bracket. Pull the heater forward and lock into place. 

Step 6:  Secure the Junction Box

You may lock the front panel to the center bracket by moving the bottom of the center bracket upward and then pressing the front of the heater panel towards the wall. 

Step 7:  Wire the Heater

You can now wire the heater from either end. Use one of the knockouts in the back of the junction box and install a clamp. Run the power supply cable through the clamp, leaving about 6 inches of the cable inside the box.