How to Install a Crawl Space Door Lock

  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
A hook
An eye
A padlock
A level
A pencil

A crawl space door can be installed simply and easily with very few tools. The hook and eye system can be installed in a few minutes. The addition of a padlock will add even more security. Follow these steps to install a lock on your crawlspace.

Step 1 - Determining the Location

The hook and eye system will work best just above the door handle. Use a pencil to make a small mark on the door .5-inches above the door handle. Follow the mark in a level line over to the door jam and place a small mark there.

Step 2 - Installing the Hook

Install the hook in the door frame. Position the hook so that the point is facing downward. Screw the hook into the door frame by hand.

Step 3 - Installing the Eye

Hold the eye at the point of the mark on the door. Lift the hook and position it so that you can easily slip it through the eye. Screw the eye in that spot by hand.

Step 4 - Adding a Padlock

A padlock can be added to the eye and hook system. You will need either an eye and hook with a space large enough for the lock to slide through or a thin lock that will fit through a smaller eye and hook unit.