How to Install a Crown Molding Shelf

Crown molding on a white background.
  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 500
What You'll Need
Crown molding (for the shelf)
1x4 inch thick piece of wood (for the mounting plate)
Measuring tape
Hammer/nail gun
Caulking material

A crown molding shelf is an inexpensive way of adding a new dimension and aesthetics to your wall. It can be easily made using crown molding; you can mix and match if two adjoining rooms have different crown moldings to aesthetically link them together by adding crown molding shelves. Installing a crown molding shelf is easy—all you need is a mounting plate to place it on. Never try to hang heavy objects directly to your drywall, it will rip the paper and will require patching.

Step 1 - Assemble Your Crown Molding Shelf

Assemble your crown molding shelf, which you can make yourself at home using leftover crown molding pieces, glue, miter box, and a saw, it’s a relatively simple task. Prepare, prime, paint, and finish it before you begin the installation.

Step 2 - Cut the Mounting Plate

The shelf will be hung to a wall by placing it on a board. You can cut out a 1x4 inch thick piece of wood nearly the same length as your shelf, leaving spaces at the edges. Use a measuring tape to mark the measurements of the shelf onto the wooden piece and then use a saw cut it to length.

Step 3 - Install the Mounting Plate

Securing your board to the wall will serve as a resting unit or a mounting plate for the shelf onto which you can place your shelf. You cannot directly nail the shelf into the wall as your drywall won’t be able to sustain the weight and will be damaged. The board itself will be nailed into framing studs to ensure a stronghold and so your dry wall is not damaged.

Step 4 - Install the Crown Molding Shelf

To install the shelf onto your mounting plate, place the shelf over the length of the plate in such a way that the crown molding shelf is perfectly resting on top of it. Using a nail gun or regular nails (if you don’t have a nail gun) secure the crown molding shelf into place on the wooden plate.

Now the crown molding shelf has been installed onto your wall, the remaining touch-up job can be done. If you want to add a back plate on top of your crown molding shelf, you can saw a piece of the wooden plate the length of the crown molding shelf and add to the top of the shelf. Prime and paint in accordance with the shelf before installation.

Step 5 - Seal the Edges

Seal the edges around the crown molding shelf using caulking material. For the best effect make sure it is the color of the shelf. Once it has dried out, sand it using sandpaper and touch up with paint if needed. Caulking the edges will give a tight seal around the crown molding shelf, ensuring it stays in place, plus it gives a more finished look.