How to Install a Custom Truck Bed Liner How to Install a Custom Truck Bed Liner

A custom truck bed liner, in many truck owners opinions, should be something that every truck owner purchases. It is almost a must have accessory when you have a truck. Purchasing a custom truck bed liner and you will have the ability to choose material weight, material type and material color. The liner not only protects the actual bed of the truck and secures the material you may have inside, but it also says something about your style.

Cleaning the Truck

Park the truck in your driveway and remove all the debris from the bed of the truck. Discard the debris in a dumpster or, if there are tools and other items you wish to keep, store them in a safe place. Before you even think about installing a custom truck bed liner, you should really make sure that your truck is squeaky clean, both inside and out.

To proceed, using a hose, bucket and a sponge, clean the interior of your truck bed completely. Seeing as you have already begun to clean the bed, this is as good of a time as any to give your truck a complete bath, inside and out. Take extra care vacuuming and shining up the interior of your truck. Preparing your truck and getting it to a point where it is clean gives anyone a sense of pride and a great feeling.

Positioning the Liner Material

Most one piece liners will just fit right into place on your truck bed. Some liners do require a little adjustment upwards and sideways. If you have purchased a multiple section liner, normally you would install the front panels first, followed by the side panels. The bottom panels of a multiple section truck bed liner are usually last to install. The bottom section should easily settle and lay nicely over the grooves of your truck bed. You should not see any gaps at all. If there are gaps, call the manufacturer and see if any minor adjustments can be made to your custom liner.

Securing the Truck Bed Liner

A one piece liner will secure in place the same way as a multiple section liner. Both liners will have been sent or packed with a bunch of fasteners. Using a pair of pliers, attach the fasteners on the top rails of the bed. You will also need to attach the liner to the joints of the individual liner panels. You will notice that the tailgate panel is a completely separate piece whether you have purchased a single piece liner of a multiple section liner. Using bolts, secure this last section in place.

Taking Your Truck for a Spin

Every truck owner cannot wait to show off their new truck bed liner. Enjoy a cool summer evening drive in your truck, equiped with the new liner. Now you can rest assured that you will be protecting the surface of your truck bed for years to come.


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