How to Install a Deck Drainage System

What You'll Need
Drainage kit
Staple gun
Caulk gun
Measuring tape

Installing a deck drainage system is a great idea and has become very popular. Here are a few steps to help you through the installation process.

Step 1 - Choosing Materials

When you are choosing what kind of materials to get you will want to buy either a full kit or pick up the materials on your own. It is usually easier to find a kit with just the measurements of your deck, but if you are handy and want to pick up supplies then getting a gutter, trough and downspouts individually is also an option.

Step 2 - Nailer

You will need a mid-span nailer to put underneath that will be used during the project and then taken off afterward. This goes on the underside near the joists and will keep them on straight while you work.

Step 3 - Installing the Downspouts

Cut the downspouts if you bought them and didn't get them as part of a kit. They can be cut using a saw and should be measured so that it covers the length of the deck plus one inch that it needs to extend. Install the downspouts by applying caulk on each end and around the perimeter. You will want to make sure that the cupped end is in the right place so that the rain will catch and then drain properly. Take this step slowly so you can double check that everything is set in place and that it is secure.

Step 4 - Install the Trough

Then you will have to put caulk on the joists. Once the caulk is on, you will want to begin unrolling and installing the trough towards the downspout on each end of the joist. As you are going along, make sure that you are stapling at the correct points and marks and that you are attaching to the inside of the joists as well. You can have an overlap from trough to trough at the crease. When you are overlapping though you want to make sure that you are using a good amount of caulk to ensure that everything is tight and secure. Keep going down and caulking and stapling as you finish installing the trough to the end. When you are finished make sure that it has been extended at least 3 inches past the downspout and then you can cut off the excess that hangs further over.

Step 5 - Lay Down Deck

Now that you have the drainage system in you will want to finish laying your decking and securing it. Make sure to fasten it to the drainage system so that it holds.