How to Install a Dog Kennel Roof

person petting a dog in a kennel
What You'll Need
8/10 ft dog kennel
Two boards each of 10ft 2/4 boards
Three 12ft 2/4 boards
One 12ft 2/6 board
Metal Roof
Metal shears

The best method to keep your dog safe from sunlight and rain is by building a good dog kennel roof shelter. The kennel is like a home to the dog and the roof of the kennel is essential because it can protect the dog from rain, snow and sunlight. The roof is available in various types like wood, tile or metal. Usually the dog kennels come in standard sizes ranging from 8-10 feet and if your dog kennel is of a different size, then you can adjust with the respective measurements. The first thing you need to do is to check the measurements of your kennel and then to purchase a metal sheet to prepare the roof. By default most of the kennels measure 8-10 ft and therefore you need to prepare a metal roof that is one inch larger on all sides when compared to your kennel.

The steps to be followed while installing a dog kennel roof are given below. Preparing the roof from a metal sheet requires a lot of cutting and screwing. For cutting the sheet you can use the saw and for screwing use the screwdriver. If required use the hammer to nail the screws.

Step 1 - Cut the Roof

The first step here is to cut the roof based on your requirements. Here you need to cut two 2x4s to about eight feet plus two inches in length. Mark this as “X.” Next cut three 2x4s to about nine feet plus 11 inches in length. Mark the two parts as “Y” and the other one as “Z”.

Step 2 - Cut Metal Pieces

cutting large sheet of metal

Now you need to cut a single metal piece of 8 ft 4 inches by 10 ft 4 inches. Ridges that appear on the metal have to lay such that it is perpendicular to “Z.”

Step 3 - Marking Distance

Next you need to put a mark on both the “X” parts at about four feet distance. Now place both “X” and “Y” edges such that they form a rectangle. Screw the parts such that “Y” lies in between the “X” parts.

Step 4 - Screw

Now you need to screw “Z” on the edge where the markings are made on both the “X” pieces. Next you need to screw “A” another part on the edge under the front portion of “Y.” This will create a sloped roof on the front for draining.

Step 5 - Placing the Metal and Screwing

Finally you need to place the metal roof at the center over the frame such that it hangs one inch over all sides. Once this is done, screw the roof to both “Y” and “Z.”

Now the custom made roof is ready for your dog’s kennel. Installing a dog kennel roof is a tough task made easy if one follows this guided tutorial.