How to Install a Door Gasket on a Shower

What You'll Need
Door gasket (silicon)
Phillips head screwdriver

The door gasket in your shower works to stop water from dripping the shower's booth. Take note that shower’s booth door should always be close whenever it is in use. Otherwise, water will escape and flood your entire bathroom.

The door gasket will split over time, typically because it rubs against the frame of the door, particularly as the door is closed or opened. Whenever the gasket is damaged, water leaks out of the shower onto the floor, potentially soaking the entire bathroom if the damage is bad enough. Since most bathroom floors are made from linoleum or tiles, water on the floor can cause slips and falls, resulting in the possibility of serious injury. Additionally, continuously collecting water on the flooring of the bathroom can damage the entire floor's surface, in particular if the flooring is made from tiles.

Luckily, installing the door gasket inside your shower is a relatively simple job which merely takes a couple minutes to finish. You can do it on your own.

Step 1 - Get the Shower Door Ready

 Before you start the installation of door gasket, make sure the shower door is clean and dry. Also, for safety, make sure the floor is clean and dry.

To avoid unpleasant hard-water stains usually found in your shower booth’s glass and floors, you need to scrub it using a white polishing pad and a non-abrasive powder cleaner. Take note to never use the red or green polishing pads because they are too rough. Use white polishing pads which fit palm sanders perfectly to speed up cleaning.

Step 2 – Find the Mounting Screws

Find the door gasket's mounting screws first. They hold to the gasket to the door. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws, turning counterclockwise. Once the screws are removed, peel the gasket off the door.

Step 3 – Install the Door Gasket

Put on a thin bead of silicon within the door gasket's mounting surface. Take note that it is the surface of the gasket which faces the door. Lay one end of the gasket’s side against the shower room’s door. Remember that the door gasket includes mounting holes all through the gasket’s length. You need to make sure that the mounting hole located nearest at this part of the gasket aligns to the hole inside the shower's door.

Put in the mounting screw all the way through the holes in the door gasket. Next, you should tighten the screw using the screwdriver.

Force down the gasket alongside the door until the subsequent mounting hole is align with the shower door’s hole.  After, you need to insert the screw throughout the hole then tighten it using the screwdriver.

Step 4 – Ensure Proper Installation

Ensure that the screws are properly installed. You need to wait for at least two hours for the silicon to dry. After that time, your shower door gasket is all set for use.