How to Install a Double Bathroom Sink How to Install a Double Bathroom Sink

What You'll Need
Plumbers putty
Phillips screwdriver
Measuring tape
Extension pipe
2 faucet drain tails
2 waste pipes
2 sinks
Pipe wrench

During lean times, it is smart to save money by doing projects yourself, such as installing a double bathroom sink. A double bathroom sink gives you space and luxury, and will also cut down on any conflicts when more than one person is getting ready to go out or for bed. Installing the sink by yourself is easily achieved with the following instructions.

Step 1 - Install the New Counter Top

Use the instructions provided from the manufacturer and put the counter top in as recommended.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Set Up

Take out the old single sink drainpipe. Have your wrench handy for any slip nuts. Disconnect and remove until you locate the opening in your wall for the drainpipe. Note where the pipe is relative to both sinks, so you can figure out what type of pipe connection you wil need.

Step 3 – Set the Sinks

Once the counter top is in place, set the sinks into the vanity with a little adhesive and provided clips. If they are wall hung sinks, make sure they are securely attached to the wall before you continue and work beneath them. When you are sure they are in the right place, you need to attach them with plumbers putty and remove any excess.

Step 4 - Connect the Drains

Put the faucets in their place and be sure the drain pipe comes through and is set in place. You might have to push the collar around the drain down to make sure the drain is in far enough in the sink to connect. Then attach the tail pipe from the drain by putting the faucet’s rod through the hole on the flat end of the drain pipe and its extension.

Step 5 - Adjust and Add the Extension

Measure the height of the wall opening and how far it is to the drain holes in the sinks.  Cut the extension tube (between the sink and the P-trap) to fit perfectly between the two. It is likely you will need an extension, but you should have one anyway in case you do. Put the extension in between the base of the sinks and the drain pipe. Use a slip nut and tighten it to make sure they stay together with no leak space.

Step 4 – Attach the Waste Pipes

Attach the waste pipes to the drain by screwing the drain into place. Connect the waste pipe at the wall. You should have a connecting adaptor to use the waste pipe opening from the wall into two separate so there is one for each sink both draining to the same spot at the wall.

Make sure all of the pipes and connections are tight with the wrench and try the faucets and drains of both sinks. Make sure the sinks are caulked into the vanity and everything is secure.

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