How to Install a Double Hung Window How to Install a Double Hung Window

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Pry Bar
Straight edge
Caulk/Caulking gun
Double-hung window
Carpenters Square

Double hung windows look beautiful and can add a lot of value to the appearance of your room. Average-sized double hung windows can be installed in as little as a few hours; however, depending on how large your window is, it may also take a few days. There are mainly two types of such windows: ones with a wooden frame and ones with a vinyl frame. Due to low maintenance, vinyl windows are more popular. Here’s how you can install a double hung window.

Step 1 – Measure the Window Opening

Measure the opening of the window accurately. Most vinyl windows are made based on the measurements provided, and if you do not measure the windows properly, you will be stuck with a pair of windows that you can’t return. In order to measure the width, you need to lift the lower sash and take the measurement of the width just near the top. You also need to measure the width at the bottom and at the middle. The height measurement should be taken from the head jamb right up to the sill, which is sloped. For each window, write down the measurements, labeling each location with the size.

Step 2 – Remove the Window

If you have to remove the older windows, it can be done by using a pry bar. Cut the sash ropes to remove the lower sash. Now use the pry bar to remove the blind stop. The upper sash can also be pried off.

Step 3 – Install New Windows

You will need an extra helping hand if the windows are large. Get someone to place the replacement window in the opening. Now support the bottom portion of the window, using a lattice piece. If your vinyl window has sloped portions, you will need to plane the edge of the board, one window at a time. First, plane the edge to match the slope angle of the sill and then place a strip of wood into the gap. The support strip can be installed easily by cutting it to the desired length. Now nail the support strip directly below the point where the window’s front edge will be placed. Using a hammer and nails, bolt in the hinges to the window frame. Behind the screw holes of the jamb, place shims and screw shut the window. The double windows meeting point should be right in the center of the opening.

Step 4 – Finishing

To make sure that the window is placed correctly, use a carpenter’s square. The angles should be 90 degrees and straight. Open the windows and close them a few times to make sure that they are opening and closing correctly. Also make sure that there is no obstruction in the path of the windows and that they are able to open and close all the way through. To finish your work, apply caulk to the edges of the window to seal any gaps.

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