How to Install a Double Switch Light

double light switch installed on framing of a wall
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-300
What You'll Need
Electrical Tape
Double Switch
Insulated Wire Connectors
Fine Tip Pen

There are certain spaces within a house that that are wired with a double switch light. If it’s not done already, it might be a task that you want to consider. For example, it may be more convenient if a large and open plan living room had a double switch light installed near the door. Or if a double bay garage had a double switch light installed at the entrance of the garage. You can either replace a single switch light with a double one, or install a new switch altogether. Either way, installing a double switch light is not that difficult if you follow these few steps.

Step 1 - Turn Off the Electricity

Before you begin doing any work involving electricity, you need to turn the electricity off at the mains. Also, if you are not experienced at working with electricity, seeking the help of a qualified electrician is sensible.

Step 2 - Remove the Single Switch Light

woman removing a light switch

If you are replacing the switch light, loosen the screws with a screwdriver on the old switch and remove the cover. Carefully remove each individual wire, ensuring you mark the wire that is carrying the hot feed with black electrical tape. You can now discard the old switch light.

Step 3 - Mount the Double Switch to the Wall

If you are not replacing an old switch and are just installing a new double switch light, decide where you want it to be mounted on the wall. Placing a double switch near to the entrance of a room or garage or at the bottom of the stairs is advisable so it is easily accessible. Remove the front cover of the switch and hold it in position where you want it to be mounted. Use a fine tip pen and mark a spot through each of the holes onto the wall behind so you know where to drill. Drill the holes where the spots are on the wall. Position the double switch light onto the wall and screw the switch into place, ensuring you have a secure fit.

Step 4 - Wire in the Double Light Switch

double light switch on a wall

Connecting up a double switch light is essentially the same as connecting up a single switch light. Pick up the hot feed wire with some pliers and using your screwdriver join it to the hot connection on the double switch light. Once you have connected the hot feed, the black and red wires that are connected to the light need to be attached to the other side of the double switch.

Step 5 - Connect the Switch

You now need to attach the green screw inside the double switch to the free bare wire that was used in the old single switch. Inspect the connectors to ensure they are fastened securely. Finally, attach the switch to the box.

Step 6 - Test the Switch

Turn the electricity back on at the mains and press the double switch light onto the ''on" position. If the light does not come on, turn the electricity back off, dismantle the switch and inspect it to see whether you if you have have a loose connection or if you have wired it together incorrectly. Repeat the steps and keep testing the new switch light until you have a fully functioning light.