How to Install a Dripper System in Your Yard How to Install a Dripper System in Your Yard

What You'll Need
1/2 inch plastic tubing
1/4 inch drip tubing
1/4 inch straight connectors
Water connection kit
Hole punch

Installing a dripper system into your yard can help decrease water consumption when watering, time and effort required to manually water and can create an improved watering system overall. Drip water systems allow watering of plants and shrubs through underground hoses that slowly seep water into the ground. By watering underground and using specialized hoses that slowly drip water directly to the root system of plants or shrubs, you can water more efficiently and effectively. Dripper systems are relatively easy to install and require little maintenance or upkeep after installed. 

Step 1 – Purchasing the Tubing 

The best way to begin this project is to plan before you shop. By creating a plan and knowing how much material is needed, you can prevent costly and time consuming trips back to the store. When figuring how much tubing you will need, you should estimate needing 1 foot of tubing for 1 square foot of yard to be watered. 

Step 2 – Water Connection 

The first step in the installation process is to create a connection to a water source. Attach the water connection kit you purchased to the spout on your closest water connection outside. Follow the included directions in the kit carefully as each kit has variations in the connection installation. Be sure to properly connect the vacuum breaker to prevent a backwash of water as well as properly installing the pressure regulator. 

Step 3 – Dig Trench 

The next step is to dig a shallow trench where you want to lay the tubing. The trench does not need to be deep or wide, just enough of a trench to bury the plastic tubing. You should have one trench to hold the main water line running midway through the plants and shrubs that need watering. As well, you should have several smaller sub-trenches to hold the drip tubing that lead directly toward your plants or shrubs to be watered. 

Step 4 – Lay Tubing 

The next step is to lay the tubing into the trench. The ½ inch plastic tubing should run from the water connection to the end of the main trench line. This tube will carry the water from the faucet to the drip hoses. Next, using a hole punch, create small holes into the main tubing line where you will connect the drip hoses. After connecting the ¼ inch drip hoses to the main line using the ¼ inch straight connectors, lay the drip hose into the sub trenches leading to your plants. 

Step 5 – Test 

Now you are ready to turn on the water. This will flush the lines clean of any dirt or debris while allowing you to inspect the lines for leaks. 

Step 6 – Close Trench 

After inspecting the watering system for leaks, you can cover the trenches to conceal the system. At this point your dripper watering system is complete and ready for use.

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