How to Install a Dryer Vent Through Vinyl Siding

What You'll Need
Metal ducts
Vinyl surface mounting block
Vent cap
Elbow ducts
Metal snips
Bimetal hole saw
12 Inch drill bit
Leather gloves

Installing a dryer vent through vinyl siding can be a troublesome task, but a fairly simple one. Basically, when damp clothes are put in the dryer a small blower briskly funnels air through a duct and out of your home. Getting the correct type of duct for you home and proper installation will ensure that things like lint fires or carbon monoxide build up will not occur.

Step 1 - Plan According to the Location of Your Dryer

If your dryer is in the basement then you need to run the duct up the block wall until you can find a place above ground. There is a minimum of twelve inches above the block wall before you can place a hole in the vinyl for the vent. If your dryer is on ground level then you can simply have it exit straight out the back of the dryer, but again, it all depends on where you can put a hole in the vinyl siding.

Step 2 - Planning the Vent

When planning the course of your vent just remember that the shorter the distance the better. If there are less turns it will make thing a whole lot easier as well  DO NOT use more than 25 feet of duct when piecing together your vent and subtract 5 feet for every 90 degree elbow you use and 2.5 feet for every 45 degree elbow you use. If it is possible to move your dryer closer to the wall you will be placing the vent would be ideal. DO NOT put the vent near windows or anything electrical such as outlets, electrical meters and air conditioners. Also make sure there are no obstructions such as patios and decks. 

Step 3 - Marking the Vent

Once you know how your vent will be positioned purchase enough pieces of metal duct and elbows (if needed) to complete the job, including a vinyl surfacing mounting block and vent cap. Make sure that when you are picking a type of metal duct that you do not mix different materials (i.e. mixing aluminum and galvanized steel). If you need to cut the metal duct makes sure you wear leather gloves and use metal snips to cut to the length you need. Mark on the inside where you will be placing the vent and piece together the duct to accommodate. Use the drill to put a hole in approximately the center of where the vent will go.

Step 4 - Making the Vent Hole

Go outside to the spot where the vent will exit and, using that the hole you just drilled from the inside, make sure that the vent can be properly positioned outside. Use the bimetal hole saw (the electrical saw) to cut a hole that will match the size of the vent cap you purchased. Once this is done slide the vent cap through with the vinyl surface mounting block and attach it by screwing down the cap to the house. Once all corners are tightened as much as possible then caulk the edges.

Step 5 - Connecting the Duct

Go back inside and caulk around the other end of the vent cap you slid through the hole. Then you need to connect the metal duct from the vent cap to the dryer and you're done.