How to Install a Fan on a Car Amplifier

What You'll Need
Car amplifier
14 gauge wire
Wire caps
Wire tool
SPST relay switch
Mountable electrical fan
Mounting screws
Small zipper ties

Your  car amplifier may need a little added cooling as it is really moving a lot of electrical power through it to provide you with the on-board system that you want and need. When this happens, you can simply add a fan to help cool things down quite a bit, which will also extend the life of your amplifier. You will want to get the best fan for the job, and you don't want it to be pulling too much more charge through the electrical circuits of the unit, or you will be defeating the purpose.

Your car amplifier can push out a lot of heat and this can not only be dangerous for the amplifier, but also for the electrical wiring or harnessing in your vehicle. Excessive heat has caused wires to burn, melt or even cause feedback to your system, causing speakers to blow out or even the car stereo. You want to use your amplifier owners manual to identify any wires that may not be labeled, or seem to be labeled properly to avoid cross wiring the fan to your particular unit.

Step 1 - Wire the Fan to the Amplifier

Look at your car amplifier and you should see the REM connection in the back of the unit. Remove this REM wire from the system and connect it to your SPST relay switch and attach its other end to the ground line. Then take the positive line from the amplifier itself and attach it to the common positive line on your fan. Now run another wire from the N/O, (normally open) of your relay to the REM connection on the amplifier. Once this is completed, simply connect the fans terminals to the REM connection you just altered, and the ground line on the amplifier itself. 

Step 2 - Mounting the Fan

You fan should turn on now when the car amplifier does, however before testing it, be sure to secure it into a good resting position near your amplifier so that it is getting the most airflow possible. Be sure to keep this away from other dangling wires and the like, as they could get caught in the fan causing the motor to short out and possibly feedback into the amplifier. Be sure not to crimp the ties to tightly on the wires to prevent from crushing or breaking any that contain threads.

Step 3 - Bundling your Wires

Once everything is mounted and installed, take a good look at your car amplifier and the fan set up. If you see any wires that hang or could potentially come loose, hold them up and out of the way with zip ties. They work wonders on electrical wiring, as they are plastic and provide a natural insulation at the same time. You can also use these to take excess wire from your amp that may be laying in tangles and get them tied up and out of harms way. These very basic precautions can save your time and money, and help keep your car sound system up and running for many years to come.